Thus Spake Srila Âchâryadeva


Because this ‘mere’ Lord was proclaiming Truths that were opposed to such concoctions of the diseased mind therefore, they thought that they owed it to themselves to drive Him out as the ‘destroyer’ of the religion of the Hindus. Nay,

Pithy Precepts of Srila Prabhupâd


The Distinctive Monism has established Ever-existing Vishu as the Supreme Authority of the  Personality of Godhead. But there is again a d i s s e n s i o n between this Vaishnavite view and the Shaivite aggression where



All Glory to Sri Gaura Hari (Sri Chaitanya) Whose Eyes are, as if clouds of the rainy season having tears ceaselessly springing from Them; Whose esoteric Aspects of the ecstatic rapturing devotional Mood is far surpassingly beatific than that of