All Glory to Sri Gaura Hari (Sri Chaitanya) Whose Eyes are, as if clouds of the rainy season having tears ceaselessly springing from Them; Whose esoteric Aspects of the ecstatic rapturing devotional Mood is far surpassingly beatific than that of the Bliss of a crore of any human pursuit, nay, before which (it) the Bliss of Vaikuntha even becomes insignificant; ah, what a glory, the effulgence and the charm of His Body is, as it were, brilliantly shining like the most precious jewels (gems) of the Nectarine Blissful Ocean, and Who is none but Sri Hari
Himself but roams about on the earth in a disguise of a mendicant.
–– Srila Prabodhânanda Saraswati

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